Just Purchased -- PLEASE READ


  1. We DO NOT cover the cost to ship the bouquet to us! Please be aware that this can be up to another couple 100 dollars!! We don't know exact costs of shipment so please talk to your local postal service for quotes and what to expect.

  2. When shipping do NOT require a signature — this causes issues and the carriers may hold on to your flowers for a couple days, causing the flowers die. As long as you have the correct address (see step 3) we will get the flowers. We will let you know when we receive them!

  3. Make sure to write the following 3 things on the inside of the box (or on a large piece of paper-in a ziploc bag to avoid water)

    • your first and last name(the name the order is under!!)

    • the email you used to purchase (the email you are reading this on)

    • the order confirmation number (will be in the subject line of this email and in the email body)

    • NOTE: if you have anything special: We will throw away ribbon/pendants/lace/written papers/etc., so make sure to take it off BEFORE you ship! If there is a really sentimental flower/written name on a leaf/etc. PLEASE write it down clearly and explain on the paper and know we do our best to not misplace it but we need to be well informed!!

  4. Do NOT cover your flowers with anything! While it may seem like a good idea to cover your flowers with plastic, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. it actually suffocates the flowers, locks in the moisture, and causes them to mold / die prematurely.

  5. If it's been more than 48 hours (Jun-Sept) or 72 (Oct-May) since your wedding, there is a high chance that your flowers will arrive to us in an unusable condition (i.e. dead, moldy, or falling apart). If this is you, we have several options, which you can learn about here.

  6. Read this information about how to package and ship your bouquet to us.

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