What if I want to drop off my flowers instead?

We LOVE drop offs! The flowers are always the freshest and we LOVE local florists!

We have all our shipments go to a secure address to ensure everything goes well, but for any drop-offs, we prefer you to drop it off to us in person during our shop hours!

We are open Monday - Friday from 10-5, but we prefer drop offs to be scheduled in advance. We do this because we want to make SURE someone is there to help you when you need it!

To schedule your drop off time, make sure you have already completed your order online. Use this form to schedule a time to stop by. White Poppy employees will be notified and will reach out if there are any concerns. If not, they will plan on seeing you at the scheduled time.

Please come with your order already purchased online and order info on a slip of paper!

  • your first and last name(the name the order is under!!)

  • the email you used to purchase (the email you are reading this on)

  • the order confirmation number (will be in the subject line of this email and in the email body)

  • NOTE: if you have anything special: We will throw away ribbon/pendants/lace/written papers/etc., so make sure to take it off BEFORE you ship! If there is a really sentimental flower/written name on a leaf/etc. PLEASE write it down clearly and explain on the paper and know we do our best to not misplace it but we need to be well informed!!

Below is our address on google maps! Our main company name is Rose + Thyme floral and Rosie Rue is our sister floral company!

227 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601

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