Overview of our Thymeless Treasures Custom Products

Pressed Frames

Our pressed frames are our most popular products! They are one of our favorites projects to work on, and we make sure every frame that leaves are shop is full, beautiful, & balanced.

Our pressed frames come in two sizes: the smaller 8x10, and the larger 16x20. We get our frames from a supplier and both sizes come with a plexiglass backing and glass front to ensure your blooms will stay intact in case something happens to your arrangement during transit. Plexiglass never shatters, it is thinner than glass, but ensures your flowers are always safe!

Keep in mind!: If you would like something different than our classic full design, let us know and we can do something abstract, from the corners, etc.

Shadow Boxes

Our shadow boxes are a beautifully unique way of preserving your bouquet. Instead of pressing the flowers flat, we hang them dry, which allows your blooms to retain some of their shape & a lot of their color! These are designed in 11x14 frames that are much deeper than our pressed frames, so your shadow box can be hung on a wall, or even used as shelf decor!

Keep in mind: We also offer frontal facing boxes upon request or other ideas if you have them!

Pendant Necklaces

Our pendant necklaces are our personal favorites! They are such a sweet, sentimental piece of the flowers nearest to your heart. This dainty jewelry is an accessory you can wear every day to remind you of your favorite day.

When making these little beauties, we press your blooms just the same, but use just the tiniest detail from your bouquet. These necklaces are also an incredible way of preserve your flowers without spending the big buck!



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