I haven't heard back from you!

"I am worried that my bouquet didn't make it because I haven't received an email from you, what do I do?"

Okay, no worries. Let's figure it out!

The biggest takeaway we want to leave with you is that we are not trying to scam you or steal your flowers or your money or anything like that! We know how scary it can be to ship your flowers to some unknown place, but we PROMISE we are here to help you and are on your side! We are a small business, but we work our hardest to make sure you are happy! So please know we will do all we can to make sure we get your flowers and let you know when we do!

Here are a couple things that could be going on:

  1. Did you make sure to put a paper with your shipping info in the box? If not, please email us your info and a picture of your bouquet, it may be unidentified in our shop.

  2. Did you make sure to not ask for a signature upon arrival as the directions stated? If you did ask for the signature, we may have had issues receiving it.

  3. Did you send it over a holiday or the weekend? We sometimes have preservationists at the shop on Saturday morning, but we are open Monday-Friday! If a bouquet came on Saturday afternoon, Sunday, or a holiday we will not get to it until a work day and it might have a slight delay!

  4. Did you send it to the right address? Please double-check! If it was sent to the wrong address, it could have been discarded, so let us know if this is the case!

  5. Did the postal service send a confirmation message? If so, please email us with the confirmation info and pictures if possible. Sometimes UPS delivers to the wrong address. Remember, this is not something we can control and is to be discussed with the postal services.

  6. Is it still on its way? If so, we will email you once it arrives and the condition it is in!

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