What should I do if my event was more than 48 hours ago?

So, your event is past the 48 hr window we recommend to ship your flowers to us... don't worry, you still have options!

Why is there a 48 hour window?

We find that flowers that are 72+ hrs old are hard to make work for our pressed frames (the flowers tend to show signs of mold or rotting after this, or else all the petals fall off when we try to press them), so we always recommend shipping within 48 hours to ensure your flowers will arrive in good condition.

What are my options if I am past the 48 hour window?

Option 1 - Still Ship Them to Us

If it's been more than 48 hours, you can still ship them to us. If they look like they are in good condition, there is a chance they could make it without any issues... but this is also a chance they could arrive dead or develop mold during the shipping journey.

You are always welcome to send us a picture of your flowers and get our opinion, but keep in mind we are a small business and sometimes get A LOT of messages and may not be able to respond right away.

If you do choose to ship them to us, we will do our best to work with them and will let you know how many we think will make it through the pressing process.

So, you are still welcome to ship to us after 48 hours but we just want to make sure you are aware of the risks that come with this!

Option 2 - Repurchasing

A great alternative to shipping your bouquet to us is to have us repurchase your flowers from our local wholesaler (we have several qualified florists on our team) and recreate your arrangement using the same flower varieties that were in your original arrangement.

While this option may not be as sentimental as knowing they are your actual flowers from your actual event, it may be the best option after 48 hours and can sometimes be cheaper shipping your flowers to us!

It will also ensure your final product is as vibrant and colorful as possible because the flowers would be much fresher than they would be if you ship them to us.

Click here to learn more information about repurchasing your bouquet.

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