The Framing Process

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After about 4 weeks in our presses, your flowers will be completely dry & ready to be designed! Our team of talented designers get straight to work arranging your blooms beautifully in a plexiglass frame, turning the bouquet nearest to your heart into a lasting memory.

To help us with the design process, we LOVE receiving high-quality images of our customers' arrangements on the day of their event! It is tremendously inspiring for our design team to see your stunning bouquet in its full glory, and helps the process run so much more efficiently!

Around the 5-6 week mark, our designers will reach out to you with a rough draft of your frame design. From there, you will be able to approve the design, or let us know if you'd like any changes to be made!

Receiving feedback is incredibly important to us. We are super perfectionistic when it comes to our customers, and work hard to ensure the finished design is a sentimental treasure they will adore for years to come!

Once any design requests have been made & the final design is approved, the next stages for your blooms are to be glued, framed, photographed, and packaged. Then, your order is ready for transit!

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