It feels like I have been waiting FOREVER

We know it is scary to wait, but we want to make sure your final product is PERFECT. So please be patient with us!

Remember, the process can take 8-10 weeks for regular frames and 10-14 weeks for any frames that have repurchases or recreations.

We must change the presses often, and things take a while to dry!

Once they are dry, we have a large queue of orders waiting to be designed.

Once designed, we also have a queue of orders waiting to be framed, photographed, and shipped.

If you are repurchasing flowers, we must make the order and wait two extra weeks to get in the flowers. Sometimes if the wholesaler does not have flowers we have to wait longer until they come in!

With all this in mind, we do not want to discourage you! We will get to your frame as quickly as we can and have many skilled experts who will work hard to make your frame perfect! But something as custom and as beautiful as this takes time!

We are working on a weekly update, to ensure that you know all is well and things are getting along in the process. Please be understanding as we work to make your flowers thymeless and know that we are not wanting to leave you in the dust feeling like we don't care! We started this business as a service to help you and would never want to undermine you or do anything short of our very best work!

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