Repurchasing / Replicating Your Flowers

All the details of the extra cost + how we do it 💐

Why Would I Need to Repurchase / Replicate My Bouquet?


While we usually make our pressed frames with your original flowers that you send to us, there are cases in which this is not possible.

Because of this, we offer the ability to repurchase / replicate your bouquet so you can still get a beautiful reminder of your important day.

Most Common Situations for a Repurchase

There are usually 5 cases in which customers choose to repurchase:

  1. You previously had your event and would like us to replicate your original bouquet / arrangement (it's a great anniversary gift!)

  2. It's been more than 48 hours since your event and you haven't shipped the flowers to us (see below for more info)

  3. You shipped your bouquet to us and want to replace a flower or two that didn't quite make it (fragile flowers, such as anemones and peonies often have a hard time traveling)

  4. You shipped the flowers to us but they arrive dead or partially (usually because you didn't overnight the bouquet to us, or because flowers have a hard time traveling, especially in the summer)

  5. You aren't super sentimental and would rather pay the cost of repurchasing than the cost of shipping (which can sometimes be cheaper depending on where you live)

How Does Repurchasing Work?


Repurchasing allows us to purchase flowers from our wholesaler & press them freshly in the shop!

Our sister company specializes in making flower arrangements for weddings and other events, so we have plenty of experts who can identify the flowers in your bouquet so we can match it exactly!

We have several talented florists on our team (our sister company specializes in wedding florals) who can identify the specific floral varieties from your arrangement so we can make sure to match your original flowers as closely as possible!

NOTE: A frame / shadow box purchase HAS to be made with a repurchase. The repurchase only covers the cost of the flowers, not the cost of pressing, designing, and shipping the final product.

Steps to Repurchase

There are 3 simple steps to order a repurchase and connect it to your original order!

  1. Order your desired product (i.e. a pressed frame, shadow box, etc.) on our website.

  2. Order your desired repurchase amount here (See Repurchasing Options for more info). Make sure to note your order number, which will be important in the next step.

  3. Fill out this form to link your original purchase to your repurchase. This will make sure we can keep your orders connected! (Note -- if you received an email from us after sending in your bouquet, use the link in the email. It will already be connected to your order and will save you the hassle of finding your original order!)

Repurchasing Options

All of these can be purchased on our website!

How Long Does Repurchasing Take?

Once deciding to go through with our repurchasing option, it is important to let us know as soon as possible!

After completing the payment for your repurchase, our Repurchasing Manager will make a list of the flowers needed from your arrangement & place an order with our wholesaler. The time it takes for us to receive your blooms after placing the order is around 1-2 weeks.

From there, we will get started on pressing the repurchased flowers alongside the rest of your bouquet, which will take an additional 2+ weeks.

In total, repurchases can add an extra 3-4+ weeks on to our typical 6-10 week timeframe. So, paying for the repurchase & letting us know right away will help minimize any extra wait time!

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