The Pressing Process

Once we get your flowers, what happens to them? This page goes through the process a bit and helps you know what to expect from us over the next few months!

Once we receive your bouquet, we want to get straight to work on pressing it! So, please fill out the contract before shipping your flowers to us! We will NOT start pressing your blooms until we receive it. Your flowers will press more beautifully the fresher they are, so please be sure to fill this out for us!

As soon as your bouquet arrives to our shop, our pressing experts will reach out confirming their arrival & condition! From there, they will determine which flowers are healthy enough for pressing & which aren't, to ensure only the most beautiful flowers are included in your frame.

To preserve your flowers, we place them flat in a wooden press. Every other day, our pressing assistants will rotate the blooms to avoid molding & to get them to dry as quickly as possible. This is a tedious process that takes loads of time and care, but we know it's well worth it!

No matter how perfectionistic we may be over here, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that we, sadly, cannot control:

  1. Colors change when flowers dry. No matter how hard we try to keep the flowers the same color as they were when fresh, colors will change & natural browning will occur.

  2. The drying process takes a lot of time. The length of time differs from variety to variety, but generally takes a month (or more) for your flowers to press and dry completely.

After finalizing the pressing stage, our design team will take over & get started arranging the dried flowers for your frame!

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